E. Michael Jones – The Substance of A People – 011

E. Michael Jones – The Substance of A People – 011

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E. Michael Jones joins the Men With Chests to talk race and ethnicity in 21st century America. We talk about the way the oligarchs have used “whiteness” and “blackness” as a dialectical weapon of social control against the various ethnicities that populate our nation. We talk about his thesis that the only concrete ethnic groups in the US are Catholics, Protestants, and Jews. We also discuss what the future might hold for the Church and the world in these chaotic times. Tune in to find out if Dr. Jones is afraid to speak his mind or not.

The gents and I also get into Church and world politics in the news segment and have a pithy discussion about how Monarchy is much better than secular Liberal democracy, which is dying anyway. Good riddance!

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Dr. John Rao – Calvinism & Americanism

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