John Horvat II – The Return to Order – 012

John Horvat II – The Return to Order – 012

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John Horvat II Joins MWC to discuss the nature of modernist chaos and how to rebuild an orderly society. We discuss the best governmental system toward this end, the nature of economics in light of man’s fallen nature and God’s grace, and the history of how we ended up here. We also talk about Trump and his meaning for this return, as well as Mr. Horvat’s intellectual forebears.

James and I get into a chat about Neo-reactionary thought, Edward Feser’s upcoming book on Capital punishment, and the viral fake AI video that’s been making the rounds. Tune in to hear some reflective thought on my interview with Dr. Jones as well.

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Myth Of The 20th Century ā€“ Episode 42: The Protestant Revolution ā€“ 500 Years of Division

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