The Reign of Christ the King – 013

The Reign of Christ the King – 013

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The Men With Chests tackle 82% of the important issues of the day. We cover a listener question about how the Church regards the forgivability of serial killers which leads us into a conversation about cheap grace and purgatory. We also talk about St. Paul and how the early Church must’ve regarded him. We get into a recent tweet by Matthew Dowd about abortion and Catholicism, we discuss the first Thanksgiving on the North American continent, the threat of materialism and Black Friday, and how B A S E D Poland is hopefully abolishing shopping on Sunday. Finally, we get into a lengthy discussion about the Social Kingship of Christ and a hilarious Babylon Bee article to sum it all up.  Tune in to hear why it’s more likely that the UK will abolish shopping on Friday.

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Christopher Ferrara – John Locke: Un-Lockeing America

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