Nick B. Steves – The Myths of America – 017

Nick B. Steves – The Myths of America – 017

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Nick B. Steves joins MWC to discuss America. We get into her founding, what ails her thinking, and what a monarchical future might look like on this continent. We also discuss Moldbug and NRx thought more broadly.

In the first hour, we have Sam Bolton, Shawn Smith, and James Arruda. James gives us his impressions of the book The end of the Modern World. We talk a lot about the problem of masculinity today and why there isn’t enough of it. We get into how this affects the shortage of priests and how we can inspire men to once again wage glorious jihad against their inner bug man. We also have a discussion about sodomy and how even demons are grossed out by it.

Tune in to find out why Mitt Romney might just be the USA’s very own Aragorn.

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The End of the Modern World by Romano Guardini

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