Against the Naivetés of Modernity – 019

Against the Naivetés of Modernity – 019

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This week we have Frank Andollo, James Olson, and Sam Bolton to discuss some of the happenings going on in the Church and some commentary on the state of our world. We get into the male escort who leaked the names of 40 gay prelates to the Diocese of Naples. We discuss Jordan Peterson and the impact he’s having as a non-Catholic intellectual with great respect for Christianity. Anthony Esolen provides us with a stirring call for the Church to boldly take a stand much like Peterson has. We then get into a conversation about Placuit Deo and the backgrounds of Pelagianism and Gnosticism. This leads us to a discussion of Our Blessed Mother as the Hammer of Heresies.

The 2nd segment has us lambasting the abortion industrial complex and their plans to subvert our democratic process with their blood money. Finally, we conclude with a sobering and inspiration call from Msgr. Charles Pope to shed our “comfort Catholicism” and embrace a warrior stance in our faith.

Tune into to find out why you should Deus Vult! in all areas of your life.

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Our Lady, the Hammer of Heresies

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