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The Alt-right and NRx on the scales…

By: Antonio Columbus

The main difference between the Alt-right and Neo-Reactionary (NRx) movements is their strategy to recapture our civilization from a hostile oligarchy. The Alt-right is using the progressivist model of populism. While the NRx attack plan seems to be a top-down approach. Two drastically different models for two ideological cousins.

Both are far-right reactionary movements that reject the progressivist politics the Western world has been succumbed to since the 1960’s. Both movements are against the demographic replacement level migration of the Third World into their nations. And both movements are very skeptical of the current political system: Liberal democracy.

The Alt-right is primarily focused on identity politics, seeing themselves as the political representation of an emergent pan-European identity colloquially called “white”. They favor a nationalist and/or fascist political order with all the trappings that come with it: protectionism, closed borders, and eugenics. They favor populist tactics like street demonstrations, university speeches, media outreach, and fraternal clubs.

NRx, on the other hand, is a movement based on a mix of identity politics and traditionalism. The majority of these reactionaries are Catholics and Orthodox Christians but there are some Protestants, Jews, and Muslims in the movement as well. This Alt-right attracts atheists, agnostics, pagans, and Christians, but view religion as largely unimportant to their larger struggle. NRx is predominantly in favor of a monarchy or some kind of nationalist system, preferring a system of natural hierarchy and patriarchy to the current state-enforced egalitarian circus. The media has largely ignored the NRx movement because of the lack of waves they make. They favor a top-down strategy relying on an intelligentsia to change the minds of the elite.

For the past three years, I would consider myself part of the Alt-right. I favor an economic system that protects American jobs. I am weary of global influence in American politics. I seek a political movement that rallies the people for change. That being said I am a traditionalist Catholic, I love art that moves the soul, and I want a culture of life that promotes Christian social justice. I am torn between the strategies of the Alt-right and the ideals of NRx.

The Alt-right has a lot going for it: name recognition, a group of full-time activists, and a sizable following willing to fight for the cause. They have garnered international attention in the Western world, with Hillary Clinton mentioning the Alt-right in a speech during the 2016 campaign and people like Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor appearing on mainstream news outlets. They have very popular media outlets and their own think tanks, namely American Renaissance and The National Policy Institute.

So why not just join the Alt-right? Because they lack a firm foundation. They have all the politics down pat with loads of articles and podcasts about the systematic falsehoods of the Liberal world order. They have in-depth analyses of weekly political happenings and have some real insight into future political moves. They have the ear of a significant amount of reactionary youth and they will likely keep that ear. The truth of the matter is the Alt-right is cool. But we don’t want a culture that is just cool. We want a culture that burns the soul; that moves one to great heights.

Now I’m sure the Alt-right would love a culture that creates new men but they don’t know how to do that. They don’t have the tools. They don’t have Christ. The Alt-right has tried to fancy itself as the 80’s jock with the phrase ‘Chad Nationalism’ as a slogan of their cultural beliefs. They rely on an aesthetic that is very much dissident and influenced by the sins of the second half of the 20th century. The music they listen to are parodies of heavy metal and Disney music, their podcasts are often crass and vulgar, their art is memes. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a good Pepe and don’t mind the occasional edgy joke. But that’s not culture; not a culture that a functional civilization can rely on.

The NRx movement, on the other hand, has culture. They have invested time and energy in the study of the great classics, the music of Wagner and Vivaldi, the architecture of inspiring cathedrals. That’s what this generation needs. They don’t need the dystopic and diluted culture of Mad Max and Karate Kid.  If I may make a suggestion to the NRx intelligentsia: stop focussing on politics.

We’re not going to win the hearts of political elites over to the idea of monarchy. As much as I’d love to have a monarchy that holds the torch of traditionalism, it’s not going to happen in our current political climate. As the Alt-right would say we’re “LARP-ing”. Instead, let’s win the souls of the populace with the art that we know they love. Let’s remind them of what poetry is, and not slam poetry but poetry that speaks of heroes and struggles. Let’s create epic masterpieces that inspire us to do great things.

I would suggest to the reader that we promote the classics in schools. Practice and hone your crafts, whatever it be. You don’t have the be an architect or stone mason to leave your mark on the world. Create beauty and share it. If you lack the natural talent to create then support those who have it, be patrons of the arts.

If the NRx movement is going to make any headway it will be through the beauty of Western man and his creations. Let the Alt-right do what they do best and you do what you do best. The two will meet somewhere in between.


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